A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Independence Day

It’s July 5th.

…and I’m happy to report that the earth is safe and free of alien invasion.

Yeah, I wasn’t really worried. Really! Anywho, I’ve been flying under the radar as of late (stealth mode if you will). I apologize for that.

Nothing new on the homefront, been working on commission work mostly. I hope to be able to make some posts up on my DeviantArt site… so keep and eye out for that.

In other news, I’ve been spreading the word about the Sticker Contest I’m hosting. You’ll have to check out my “Contest” section for more details. The gran prize is an original Amano pinup illustration of your choice!

I also have a few 2008 calendars left at 25% off. Anyone interested can purchase one here. ^_^

Hope everyone had a great 4th and is busy taking in some well deserved R&R this long weekend.

Here to life, liberty and the persuit of fine aged rums!


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