A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Rockin into 2009!

Hey how was everyone’s Christmas/New Years celebration?

Wow, is this the first Hump Day of 2009??!

I’m really looking forward to what this year has to bring. Lately, I’ve had a tough time getting motivated, my mind is cluttered slobbenly mess . Now that the holidays are over, its time to organize and focus!

I’m psyched cuz next month is the New York City Comic Con!!! You have to come out and check that shit out its a cornucopia of nerdom! I’ll be taking commissions and drinking and i’ll have prints for sale and drinking… well u get the idea. I’ll prolly have my nose buried in my drawing board so swing on by!

Lesse what else. Oh right, artwork! I’m working on my puter coloring. This is the finished colors for the piece I did for Marissa… who is btw, the newly crowned Cheesecake Queen in Java’s Bachelor Pad!

I know there is all sorts of things I’m forgetting to blog about. I can’t recall. Damn the booze for stealing my brain cells. Oh yeah, I wanna throw this out:

Valentine’s Day Commission Special:

Ordering is simple, just follow this link to my Online Shoppe! Or copy this into your web browser (removing the gap of course, MySpace hates my page… too sexy for Tom):
http:// amanojyaku.net/wp/shop/
It will be the first item in the list. When you do place your order make sure you drop me an email so we can work over the details of the piece you want. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!
Oh one last thing, I would like to introduce the newest member to my entourage, Mr. Spicy McHaggis. As you can see he is enjoying my very sexy Arthur Adams sketchbook while sipping a little coke&rum:
He loves penguins too… you can see why we’ll get along just fine!
Well I’m off to watch Righteous Kill… Carla Gugino is in that… she’s so badass! ^_~
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