A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

A week of geek in Miami…

Intrawebz, I’m back!!

This blog entry cometh direct from cold ass Miami Beach. Yeah as much as I was looking forward to the sunshine and warmth… the only warmth is coming from a bottle of rum… and strippers… and great Cuban food. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

Well Mega*Con was alot of fun this weekend. The redeye flight into Orlando on the otherhand was not! But i toughed it out. Thank you iced lattes! Glad to see some of my peeps there… as well as some new faces! Lots of really cool costumes at the show too:

Where’s the Tea Party?

Can you say Double Deuce hot redheaded Pheoniz action? Yeah!

Silk Spectre! Rawk!

Glad he didn’t bust my finger!

Drunken monkey style?

Cutest cosplay eva!

I wanted to know what one carries in a Hello Kitty purse?! Katnips?!

If Chewie is here… then whose guarding the Falcon??!

They weren’t actually Feds, I was IDing them cuz they wanted some of my liquors!


Carlye molesters Spicey! (his butt still hurts)

Spicy tries to escape but Chelsea puts him in the dreaded boob-lock!

Saturday night we got my drink on with some old friends, got to see belly dancing and try a new savory beverage! Redrum Rum!

There is absolutley no creepy finger curling or bleeding walls involved here. This stuff is fantastic! I would never betray my beloved Captain Morgan… but this is definatly top of my list! I heard there is a VooDoo and Jolly Roger variety… they must rule! If you haven’t tried it, do it! Today!

More exciting news on the art front, a couple of my pieces were chosen for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival:

The show is May 1-3rd at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. For more information check out SeattleErotic .org on your intrawebz. I’ve only heard great things about this show, so I’m uber proud to be part of it. Making the world sexy is hard work! hehe.

Other than that, just counting down the hours until Watchmen breaks into the theaters! I can’t wait! There will be glowing blue nekkid mens, guys in costumes, and of course Carla:

I know what ur thinking, that cop on the right is getting an eye full. Lucky bastard!

Okay u guys stay safe out there, eat your brocolli, keep the fucken cursing to a minimum and make sure to tell your mother you love her!

One love,



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