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Feliz Post Hump day Celebration everyone!

I didn’t quite make it to Hump Day. Just becoming harder to take time out to collect my thoughts and make them intelligable for you to understand. Its like by the time I’m done with work my brain feels like durrr, bllaaahh, blargh. Kinda sad really. Lots of drool me sez.

Anyways, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new artwork. If not, here it is again (BAM!):

Its a little piece I did to adorn my Twitter page. It needed something to make it sexy and worth visiting. You understand. Btw, here’s the link for those of you who care:


More or less the same kinda nonsense you come to expect of my blog journals but in smaller single serving portions of 140 characters or less. I’m just waiting for my grrl Carla Gugino to join so we can tweet about each other’s day… talk about LOLCats… and food. You know how we roll. Oh snap, speaking of which, check out this pic of found of Miss Gugino all pinup hottie and whatnot:

Yeah, it blew my mind to! Why is it I’m the only one noticing her awesomeness???! I feel like Antonio Saliere discovering Mozart over here! Sheesh! I dedicate Hump Day to her… again. I actually ran across some really hot celebs all done up pinup style I’ll be sharing with you. So look forward to that. Just spreading all that is pinup!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Enjoying the beautiful reawakening of nature in this beautiful Spring season. And if you are in the Seattle, Washington area this weekend don’t forget to swing by the Seattle Erotic art Festival (May 1-3rd). I am honored to have been chosen to have a couple pieces hanging there at the gallery. I will also have signed prints for sale in the Shop as well. Check it out!


Don’t forget to get yourself a tastey Slurpee too!

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