A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Boobs in Space!!!

Hey MySpacerz,
Ok, I’m guessing most of you clicked on this blog entry in hopes of seeing boobs.


I can be a butts and stall or post pics of LOLCats with a cleaver “gotcha”! But I’m not gonna be like that. I’ll be “good”…. THIS TIME! bwahahaha!

If your a avid DeviantArt fan and have me on ur watch list you have prolly seen this posted up. This piece was the grand prize for Miss Bettysioux Tailor… the winner of my pirate sticker contest. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Barbarella! I’ve heard about the book and even more so the movie. Being the brave soul I am… I braved thru 2 hours of nekkid Jane Fonda fighting aliens and making sweet sweet love to them. I know life as Amano is hard. I gotta say Jane had it going on back in those days! So it was a real treat to take a stab at drawing my version of Barbarella. I mean who doesn’t like half nekkid wimmins in space? Exactly!

And I know what ur thinking. “When is the next CONTEST?” “I want a shot as wining some free artwork too!”. Pipe down monkeys! Its already in teh works, and I will def post it as soon as my minions are done with their tasks. Just stayed tuned!

So to conclude, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. And I would like to wish you a very Happy Hump Day as brought to you by the very beautiful Isla Fisher in pinup attire:

She’s no Carla Gugino, but she’s pretty easy on the eyes ^_~

Later gators.

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