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Lock and Loaded…

Happy Hump Day!

So I’ve been really struggling with writing a full blog post today. Ok I should be more specific. I’m having a hard time writing more than 140characters, haha. Thanks Twitter!!

But I that’s cool cuz I’m an artist not a writer Bones! Speaking of which, is everyone pumped for the Star Trek movie coming out? I have to say I am. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m more Jedi than Starfleet officer but I love me some sci-fi in any case. Peeyong! (that’s laser fire noise).

I wanna share a piece I just finished. I have to tell you I’m a big Resident Evil fan, so it was hella fun to work on a project like this:

Plus, any girl who can shoot off hot lead is ok in my book.

In other news, thank you to everyone who got out to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival this weekend. I’m honored to have had both of my display piece sold. I thank you… my liver thanks you (for the rum you have provided) and my sock monkey thanks you for getting me outta the house to do whatever the hell that little bastard does in here. Hmm… i better check my liquor cabinet. >_>

I know I promised sexy pictures too. I did not forget! If you’ve seen That’s 70s Show or Forgetting Sarah Marshall will recognize Mila Kunis, check her out all pinup stylie:

Smoking huh? This Hump Day is dedicated to you grrl!!

Well that’s all I got betches, I’m off to Twitter… err, I MEAN draw! *whew*

See ya all next week, till then stay sexy,

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