A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

New Watercolor Pinup!

I bet most of you intrawebbrz are either NOW just starting to wake up or are hustling to get thru the workday to celebrate the long Fourth of July weekend! I’m there wif ya!

I missed this past Hump Day post, but decided to make up for it by sharing some more watercolor artwork:

No those arn’t “Amano brand tassels” she’s wearing. Again Tom at Myspace is a delicate tender little chap… there is something about the nipples of a woman’s breasts that makes him go plum loco. So in order to avoid incident, I have to come up with way to cover things up. Crazy I know.

Also a reminder to anyone out there who want to own their own Amano pinup. Commissions are still available at the discounted price. Click here for more info.

I wish everyone out there a safe and patriotic weekend. Remember to drink reponsibly and don’t drink and drive (you might hit a bump and spill your drink!).


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