A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

SDCC2010 Pinup Special this weekend only!

Greetings my fellow rum monkeys!

Where the hell is everyone??! OH! I see all my peeps are making tracks over to the big San Diego Comic Con! I love this show its truly the most epic gathering of all nerdkind on the west coast, I dare say North America! I’m sad to say that I won’t be there to bring my Amano-style drunken debauchery this year. Instead I’ll be working hard in my secret studio miles under sea level plugging away at a few items I want to have ready for the Jet City ComicCon and big New York City ComicCon a few months away.

I want to take this time to open up 5 spaces for what I like to call my “I wish I was at SDCC but didn’t have enough money for cab fare Pinup Special”… ok, how about we shorten it to “SDCC Pinup Special”? Perfect!

This special is up for grabs to the first 5 people to order or midnight on Sunday July 25th, 2010! You get an 11×14″ fully inked lineart drawing on Bristol and 11×17″ full color print of your completed illustration. All signed by yours truly! This special is for a single figure illustration only! No backgrounds or complex objects (I want to be able to accommodate the fab five in a timely fashion so I’m trying to keep it simple).  Shipping and Handling is free (cuz that’s how much I love you! lolz). Upon placing your order, please send a complete character description to me via email (amano @ amanojyaku.net). I will email you back to confirm your spot!

PayPal only! Click here to order:

I will keep you updated on the progress here on this blog post, so make sure to check back!

All spots Closed!

Rock out San Diego! Much love to my gangstaz down there!!



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