A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Tumblr just got sexier…

Hey intrawebbers! I know its been a while since I made a post but I know its the holiday season and everyone is busy making their Christkwanakkudecemberween lists/shopping (yeah, we believe in holiday harmony here at the Amano blog… it gets a little crazy sometimes with this fancy nomenclature). I wanna throw a plug up for my new Tumblr page. Its still a work in progress but I wanna have a spot to post all the stuff I have “in the works”. I’ll be posting previews of artwork, ideas and have just have a spot where I can communicate with my peeps. So add me and share your thoughts! Nonsense is welcome as well… within moderation of course.
Till next time, I leave you with some choice films to watch this holiday season click here!


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