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2012 Convention Update!

Well intrawebbers if you are feeling a bit off don’t panic! Its the effects of the Daylight Savings Time change. I’m not entirely sure why we still do that but I know this time around it stole an hour of my precious 4hours of sleep every night. I’m down to 3hours. You realize what this means right?


No need for alarm we have every thing under control!

I’ve been busy drawing away but I did want to update the site to share the exciting news on the convention front:

I’m happy to be back for this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in beautiful Seattle, Washington at the end of this month (March 31-April 1, 2012).


Mark your calendars!

Attentions citizens of the United Kingdom… Amano will be penetrating your area!

Yes, rum and shenanigans is hitting the Kapow! Comic Convention in London , England May 19 & 20th 2012. I apologize in advance to the British people… what am I saying? This is the birthplace of punk rock!! I have to represent! Sex, rum and rock&roll right? Hells to the yeah! The pinup revolution is going overseas baby!

As always, I will have prints and sketchbooks for sale at the shows. But you know you are looking for custome art:

Get your own custom pinup art in ink & marker!

I will also be doing commissions at the show but don’t get stuck in my Art List queue (I can only do so many during the show)… order your piece ahead of time from my online website! And just drop in and pick up! No waits! That will make more time for rum drinking and chatting with you at the show!

That’s all for now kiddie. Remember to follow me on Twitter! I do most of my best writing in under 140 characters, haha.

Peace & Rum,



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