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Kapow! Comic Con Aftermath…


I can’t believe I’ve been back a few weeks already but am still having trouble getting back on Washington time! My first trip to London really was a whirlwind of awesomeness. I have to say I was terribly intimidated by the 10+ hour travel time but luckily the flight has Skerlock episodes to watch onboard! SO much better than the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies IMHO. ^_^

A photo from artist alley on the second floor.

And of course, rum & coke were present!

I want to share my experience at the Kapow!  show because it was truly a fun show! Everyone who stopped by my table to take chat, purchase some art or just to take a peek at my work for the first time is what really made the show grand! I first would like to thank the very lovely Aigue-Marine for the inspiration for the print I made for this show:

Kapow! London Batgirl pinup

Exclusive Kapow! Batgirl print

Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl has always been a character I’ve wanted to draw. I think she make a great addition to the Bat-Family. I was really glad that Aigue-Marine helped me bring this piece to life! She is an amazing cosplayer from Germany. It was a treat to meet her in person. I think you all show drop by her Facebook page and check out her work! Show her some love!

Aigue-Marine rocking her newest creation: Leah (Journey into Mystery)

I had some really great commission requests during the show! I love taking a stab at new characters that I’ve never drawn before and I got quite a few of them this show.

My Twitter followers got a sneak peek at some of these.

I know I haven’t been making proper convention posts like I did back in the Myspace days. I hope to get things up and running on my homepage so that everyone can come check out what I’m doing in one spot online. I will also be working on importing some of those old con posts from Myspace to my homepage so that new followers can catch up.

I apologize for my atrocious writing. I can only say there is a reason I draw and not write, haha. But I want to say thank you to everyone at Kapow! for making this such a positive experience for me. I love to say that I was so busy at my table that I didn’t get a chance to get up to walk around. The tradeoff to that is that I missed seeing alot of the events and panels. You know what though? There is always next time. And believe me London, Amano will return!!

Peace & Rum,



I wanted to remind everyone who is not following me on Twitter to jump on the bandwagon and add me. I am having a little contest again! Winner gets a original sketch (like the ones I’ve posted above) of your choosing on 9×12″ Bristol board. How do I win you ask? Well first you have to is sign up to Twitter, follow me on Twitter and help me spread the word by retweeting my contest post. When i get to 666 followers, I will randomly choose a winner! Stay tuned and let the games being!

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