A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Ohai 2013, are you ready?!

A brand new year means a brand new taste of sexy pinup art as only I can deliver! I just got back from the printers and love the looks of the new sketchbook! This year I’m going all out and giving my true fans a little incentive to check out my work by offering a discount to the first 20 pre-orders!

Yup, each sketchbook will come with a one of a kind original gray tone Copic marker sketch of your choosing! Prepare for a sketch so scandalous I expect the divorce will reach record highs! Hard creams will disappear off the shelves like bottled water during a hurricane! Tree would want to sacrifice themselves just to have boobs drawn on them of this caliber! Serious stuff!

Don’t miss out! Be one of the lucky first 20 to pre-order and get a sketch!

And remember spread the word all over cyberspace!

Peace and Rum!

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