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Contest Time!! – Win an Amano pinup!

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Ahoy mateys!

I need your help to get the word out about the Amano pinup arts to the Twitterverse! So I decided to give you a little incentive to help me out. This means contest time! What i decided to do was to give away a free single figure custom full color digital pinup!

You mission:

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, sign up! Follow me on Twitter and “Retweet” and/or “Share” this post. Its that simple!

The winner:

Like Highlander, there can only BE ONE! When achieve 666 followers on Twitter, I will choose one of my Twitter followers at random. I WILL check to see that you have done your task of RT or Shared this post on your social network. If you name is chosen from the Robotron3000, I will contact you on the social network to notify you of your winning and arrange commission details! If I do not get a response from you in 24hrs, I will choose another winner.

I’m stoked about this… I am fortunate to have a great bunch of followers on Twitter, DeviantArt and Facebook. Lets get this ball rolling and see what amazing art we can do!

Peace & Rum!


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