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2011 Amano Sketchbooks are here!!

Yup, its finally here!! Check out the Amano Jyaku 2011 TwitterSketchbook!! My year long project finally complete!  Pinup babes galore… all tweeted by YOU the Amano fans! Update: Free S&H promotion is over. I have to admit I really dig seeing all the images I sketched put together sequentially into one book! I’m amazed, not […]

Tumblr just got sexier…

Hey intrawebbers! I know its been a while since I made a post but I know its the holiday season and everyone is busy making their Christkwanakkudecemberween lists/shopping (yeah, we believe in holiday harmony here at the Amano blog… it gets a little crazy sometimes with this fancy nomenclature). I wanna throw a plug up […]

New York ComicCon 2010!!

Hey all you New Yorkers!!! I’ve been in NYC for the last couple days and its all true there is no other city in the world like this one. You have all sides of the social, religious and cultural spectrum all mixed into one magnificent beast! My next blog post will recap my adventure on […]


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