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Jet City Comic Show 2010!

Hey fellow art monkeys! So I’ve got some exciting news, this weekend in Seattle is the Jet City Comic Show. Its one day only, September 25th at the Seattle Center! I’m excited because its a show showcasing the local talents we have here in the Pacific Northwest. YES! We have more than coffee, metal birds […]

SDCC2010 Pinup Special this weekend only!

Greetings my fellow rum monkeys! Where the hell is everyone??! OH! I see all my peeps are making tracks over to the big San Diego Comic Con! I love this show its truly the most epic gathering of all nerdkind on the west coast, I dare say North America! I’m sad to say that I […]

Redhead Appreciation Week = win!

Happy May intrawebz! A few weeks ago, I found myself in possession of a red ink pen & pencil. Hmm, what could “I” do with such drawing implements?? The two gears left in my brain not permanently damaged by alcohol began to turn. They turned FAST! I needed something to spice up my TwitterSketches that […]


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