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Amano Tubes are back!

Good Monday Intrawebrz, I have some exciting and long over due news today! Since parting ways with C.I.L.M., my computer monkeys been arduously working day and night looking for no hassle, minimal drama means of making my tube art available again for digital download. These things take time and sometimes time is needed to do […]

Anti-SDCC post!

Hello my fellow art monkeys! San Diego Comic Con is this weekend! If you are like me and have to stay home because Carrie Fisher has a restraining order against you, then you are using the miraculous powers of the intrawebz to keep your finger on the pulse of the biggest gathering of nerdom! To […]

Happy 236th America!

That’s a lot of candles to put on a cupcake US! Instead, I say celebrate with pinup art and Bacardi rums (Puerto Rico is unincorporated territory of the United States right? It counts!). ^_~ Lady Captain America. Inspired by the lovely Stephanie Castro. Sorry to let down the Chris Evans fans, but as the title […]


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