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New Watercolor Pinup!

I bet most of you intrawebbrz are either NOW just starting to wake up or are hustling to get thru the workday to celebrate the long Fourth of July weekend! I’m there wif ya! I missed this past Hump Day post, but decided to make up for it by sharing some more watercolor artwork: No […]

Watercolor Fun and Commissions…

Happy Hump Day everyone! I’ve been really trying to put special effort in keeping my blog going weekly. Last week i failed. Its ok, I talked to the intrawebz and they forgave me so its all good. First on the list: I took a trip to the artstore down in Seattle a little while ago. […]

Boobs in Space!!!

Hey MySpacerz,Ok, I’m guessing most of you clicked on this blog entry in hopes of seeing boobs. Boobs IN SPACE! I can be a butts and stall or post pics of LOLCats with a cleaver “gotcha”! But I’m not gonna be like that. I’ll be “good”…. THIS TIME! bwahahaha! If your a avid DeviantArt fan […]


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