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Go East Young Man!

Captain’s Blog: Bar Date 02042009 Happy Hump Day everyone! This week my journeys take me to the Big Apple, yup, I’ll be attending the New York Comic Con again! Last year I had an excellent time… artwork, booze, babes, booze, pizzas… good times! I was contemplating taking my sock monkey Spicy McHaggis along but the […]

Getting dirty…

I didn’t quite make it to the full official Hump Day post. This is more of an after humpage if you will. And of course what they say is true its better to have humped and lost than not to have humped before… didn’t think I’d get all poetic on your ass huh? Well its […]

Rockin into 2009!

Hey how was everyone’s Christmas/New Years celebration? Wow, is this the first Hump Day of 2009??! I’m really looking forward to what this year has to bring. Lately, I’ve had a tough time getting motivated, my mind is cluttered slobbenly mess . Now that the holidays are over, its time to organize and focus! I’m […]


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