A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

2011 Amano Sketchbooks are here!!

Yup, its finally here!! Check out the Amano Jyaku 2011 TwitterSketchbook!! My year long project finally complete!  Pinup babes galore… all tweeted by YOU the Amano fans! Update: Free S&H promotion is over.

I have to admit I really dig seeing all the images I sketched put together sequentially into one book! I’m amazed, not only by the response, but by how many sketches I ended up doing. There are some really neat ones in there… characters I wouldn’t have normally had drawn.

I’m looking to debut these babies at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle March 4-6th! This will be Seattle’s biggest comic book convention YET! I will be there all three days… drawing, drinking and loving life! Mark your calendars and spread the word!

I think you all will love it. In fact, I’m including with each purchase your very own TwitterSketch on the back of the book… JUST FOR YOU!

Please let me know if you have a specific request by putting it in the “TwitterSketch Request” field when placing your order. Please be very specific! Visit my Online Shoppe to purchase!

The custom sketches take time to complete so please be patient! It will be worth the wait! I will also be scanning in all your sketch requests to share with all my loyal art monkeys! So Stay tuned!

Viva le Pinup!

Tumblr just got sexier…

Hey intrawebbers! I know its been a while since I made a post but I know its the holiday season and everyone is busy making their Christkwanakkudecemberween lists/shopping (yeah, we believe in holiday harmony here at the Amano blog… it gets a little crazy sometimes with this fancy nomenclature). I wanna throw a plug up for my new Tumblr page. Its still a work in progress but I wanna have a spot to post all the stuff I have “in the works”. I’ll be posting previews of artwork, ideas and have just have a spot where I can communicate with my peeps. So add me and share your thoughts! Nonsense is welcome as well… within moderation of course.
Till next time, I leave you with some choice films to watch this holiday season click here!


New York ComicCon 2010!!

Hey all you New Yorkers!!!

I’ve been in NYC for the last couple days and its all true there is no other city in the world like this one. You have all sides of the social, religious and cultural spectrum all mixed into one magnificent beast! My next blog post will recap my adventure on here on the East Coast…. so stay tuned!!!

So the big news!! This weekend October 8, 9, 10th, 2010 at the Javitz Center in downtown Manhattan is the 3rd annual New York Comic Con!!! I will be setting up camp in Artist Alley table M-14 (or just follow the half naked wimminz and barrels of rum there). I will be doing art commissions, selling prints, sketchbooks and more (VISA/Mastercard as well as spiced rum will be accepted)! I will also have an exclusive pinup for this show:

Giganta takes on the King!

I’m excited to be back this year after a very long wait! This show will be the biggest ever on this coast so if you are in the area… CHECK IT OUT! Get your nerd on, then get your drink on! Hope to see everyone there!

I <3 NY! --->Amano

Viva le pinup revolution!! ^_^


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