A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Amano Draws YOU! – Custom Profilez Avatars!

I finally caved into the demands of the intrawebz. The demand for custom personalized full color caricatures at a low price.

Being a webjunkie myself I can totally understand. I just recently signed up to Facebook… of course, feel free to add me!

So, I wanna keep the Amano fans out there content with boobs and rum! So I’m making this special available for a limited time or until my hands fall off:

I would like to setup some basic monkey rules for those interested:

1. All payment are made via PayPal (sign up today if you don’t have one).

2. You are purchasing a single person “face shot”, this means anything above the boobs. No additional animal, vegetable or mineral. Please keep this in mind when submitting photos!

3. Backgrounds are whatever I’m feeling at the time. Again I want to keep the complexity down to be able to accommodate everyone in a timely fashion.

4. Please provide a high quality photo for reference. If you look like a 1990s Nintendo video game character or I can’t tell what color eyes you have then its not high enough.

5. Email all materials to me (amano@amanojyaku.net) along with your name and PayPal order # so I know who you are.

If you are ready to order, just click the PayPal button below:

And of course if you have any questions, please ask away, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. I look forward to having a blast drawing everyone up!

Peace and rum,

TwitterSketch Project!


Its been a while since I’ve updated my website with news. And I blame Twitter for that, NOT porn. Ok, porn had a small hand in it, but I forgive her. Speaking of Twitter. I thought it would be a great idea to put this social application to good use for something other than my daily nonsense by starting what I call the “TwitterSketch”. Basically, A TwitterSketch is a quick 15 minute freehand sketch done on a 3×5″ index card that looks a little something like this:

I know I posted something about this some months back on my MySpace blog. But thought it would be a good idea to make it official here at the site. This is a fun way to interact with everyone and work on my drawing at the same time.

Amano how does it work? First you have to be a Twitter member. No brainer there, right? Then follow me on Twitter and periodically during the week I will make a tweet where I bring up a topic and/or question and take a certain amount of requests for TwitterSketch ideas. The first (true Amano) Twitter followers that @ me back with their request get it drawn. Simple see?

And once I get enough really good sexy pinup TwitterSketches together, I will put em together in a cute little sketchbook early next year. This project will hopefully go on till the end of the year or until i run out of rum or until I die from another bad Tarantino film.

So keep your peepers open and get those tweet buttons ready!!



Back from Chicago!

Hey intrawebberz!

I wanted to let the dust settle in me brain before I sat down to write my breakdown of this past weekend’s shenanigans. Chicago Comic-Con…

…HOLY CRAP young Obi-wan and some blonde british girl are TOTALLY going at it in this movie…

oh err…sorry… I got distracted watching the movie Incendiary. I can’t type and watch TV at the same time. Focus! >_>

Wizard World Chicago:
I have to say Chicago is one of my favorite cities. It has a uniqueness and heart of its own. Every time I visit Chi-town, I discover something great. doing these conventions is very draining, mostly in part to the traveling. I don’t mind flying per say, it always reminds me of being young and flying with my parents. But its these awful 6hr red eye flights to get to a show at 9am that really takes the spring out of me step. It is nice to be greeted so grandly at the convention center:

I had to stop and check out this artist doing some amazing stuff with chalk:

These shows tend to be overwhelming to the senses, kinda like a kickass rock concert. It can be deafening. But once your there and you adjust and begin to enjoy, you never wanna leave. I think Halloween is alot like that for me as well. Unfortunatly, artists miss alot of the “cool stuff” that occurs by being confined to a table meeting con goers, peddling the wares and hustling to get drawings done for eager buyers. I want to share a few:

All was well until the appearance of THE SLEESTAK!!!!!

*huff puff*

Yeah I know creepy as shit! I held my own ground tho. Thank goodness there was pleanty of heroic babes to protect us:

You hardcore Amano followers prolly seen alot of these pics from my Twitter account.

And of course a trip to Chicago would not be complete without a piping hot slice of that deep dish pizza from Giardanos:

I had a pretty good time at the show. I want to thank all the artists I shared a table with… all the artists and attendees that I got the chance to talk to… and to Gary Coleman for that lapdance in the champagne room at Cheetahs, lol.

Till next time, peace and rum,

There is no sex in the champagne room. 🙁


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