A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

New Watercolor Pinup!

I bet most of you intrawebbrz are either NOW just starting to wake up or are hustling to get thru the workday to celebrate the long Fourth of July weekend! I’m there wif ya!

I missed this past Hump Day post, but decided to make up for it by sharing some more watercolor artwork:

No those arn’t “Amano brand tassels” she’s wearing. Again Tom at Myspace is a delicate tender little chap… there is something about the nipples of a woman’s breasts that makes him go plum loco. So in order to avoid incident, I have to come up with way to cover things up. Crazy I know.

Also a reminder to anyone out there who want to own their own Amano pinup. Commissions are still available at the discounted price. Click here for more info.

I wish everyone out there a safe and patriotic weekend. Remember to drink reponsibly and don’t drink and drive (you might hit a bump and spill your drink!).


Watercolor Fun and Commissions…

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I’ve been really trying to put special effort in keeping my blog going weekly. Last week i failed. Its ok, I talked to the intrawebz and they forgave me so its all good.

First on the list: I took a trip to the artstore down in Seattle a little while ago. I picked up some new toys (NO, not THOSE kinds). I got some watercolors! I’ve slowly been playing around with them last couple days. Its a media I’ve SO wanted to try but was intimidated to do so. No longer. Here’s a couple of quick painting I did:

Sorry MySpace’s Tom hates boobs, so insert Black Bar of DOOOM!!!!

I’ve always admired artist Brian Stelfeeze and the amazing watercolor illustrations he does for alot of the comiccons out there. It inspired me to pick up the brush. Baby steps right now, but I’m started to grasp the concept.

Next on the list: Commissions!

I know its been a while since I’ve offered any deals. But work is starting to clear up for me. So I’ve got a little more time to draw, I’m opening up FIVE slots for anyone insterested in purchasing a custom full color, sngle figure pinup girl. Pricing is $125US (sent via PayPal to: amano@amanojyaku.net). Please include an accompanying email with a detailed description of what you would like me to do. I will contact you promptly upon reciept of payment to confirm.

This offer is available for whoever acts quickest so good luck!

1. Taken! – Sarah L.

2. Available

3. Available

4. Available

5. Available

I can’t wait to see what u come up with, but I guarentee I will knock your socks off with your piece!

Movies: as you might have seen. Movie season has started up and being the avid moviegoer I am. I wanted to offer my 2cents on the last 3 movie I watched on the big screen…
1. Star Trek – all the rumors you might have heard about this movie being badass is true. Except multiply it by 100X and you might come close! And you’re talking to a hardcore StarWars junkie here… Star Trek was amazing. Story. Visuals. Casting. All top notch. This is what movies SHOULD BE LIKE! Go watch it!
2. Terminator Salvation – very entertaining flick, but an abvious platform to rekindle the almost dead flame of the Terminator franchise. Visuals were amazing. Cast was great. The story definatly needed help. It was more like reading a really good Dark Horse comic book than something that merited being turned into a movie. Wait till DVD on this guy.
3. Up! – damn u Pixar! Damn you for making this fatman cry like 5 times! wtf! This was animation as its best. The story janks at your heartstrings like no other. I truthfully wasn’t sure what to expect from what I briefly saw in the trailer, but was pleasantly surprised on how cute the story was (not disappointing like Wall-E was). if you have kids, def check it out. Remember the tissues… its like Niagra Falls! bwhahaha.

I leave you with this week’s Pinup Girl (and hottie from the Watchmen movie) Malin Akerman:

Till next time, see ya in cyberspace cowboys,

Boobs in Space!!!

Hey MySpacerz,
Ok, I’m guessing most of you clicked on this blog entry in hopes of seeing boobs.


I can be a butts and stall or post pics of LOLCats with a cleaver “gotcha”! But I’m not gonna be like that. I’ll be “good”…. THIS TIME! bwahahaha!

If your a avid DeviantArt fan and have me on ur watch list you have prolly seen this posted up. This piece was the grand prize for Miss Bettysioux Tailor… the winner of my pirate sticker contest. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Barbarella! I’ve heard about the book and even more so the movie. Being the brave soul I am… I braved thru 2 hours of nekkid Jane Fonda fighting aliens and making sweet sweet love to them. I know life as Amano is hard. I gotta say Jane had it going on back in those days! So it was a real treat to take a stab at drawing my version of Barbarella. I mean who doesn’t like half nekkid wimmins in space? Exactly!

And I know what ur thinking. “When is the next CONTEST?” “I want a shot as wining some free artwork too!”. Pipe down monkeys! Its already in teh works, and I will def post it as soon as my minions are done with their tasks. Just stayed tuned!

So to conclude, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. And I would like to wish you a very Happy Hump Day as brought to you by the very beautiful Isla Fisher in pinup attire:

She’s no Carla Gugino, but she’s pretty easy on the eyes ^_~

Later gators.

Make sure you hit me up on Twitter… I’m feeling tomorrow might be a good day for another TwitterSketch!


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