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Amano’s Black Friday Pinup Sale…

Happy holidays fellow pinup fans!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with good food and good people. I decided to go nuts today and offer a 50% off sale of all my online shop‘s items. Yes this includes all commissions items as well (limited to the first 10 customers – first come first serve, so act now!). I know its crazy but its a “thank you” to everyone for all you loyalty and support for the last decade. No waiting in line in the blistering cold to try and get a deal here. All orders to arrive before Christmas!

How do I get my discount?

Simple just visit my StoreEnvy and use sale code “thankyou” before Friday December 2nd, 2013 midnight PST.

Please help me spread the word by liking and retweeting! I look forward to seeing your commission requests!

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Contest Time!! – Win an Amano pinup!

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Ahoy mateys!

I need your help to get the word out about the Amano pinup arts to the Twitterverse! So I decided to give you a little incentive to help me out. This means contest time! What i decided to do was to give away a free single figure custom full color digital pinup!

You mission:

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, sign up! Follow me on Twitter and “Retweet” and/or “Share” this post. Its that simple!

The winner:

Like Highlander, there can only BE ONE! When achieve 666 followers on Twitter, I will choose one of my Twitter followers at random. I WILL check to see that you have done your task of RT or Shared this post on your social network. If you name is chosen from the Robotron3000, I will contact you on the social network to notify you of your winning and arrange commission details! If I do not get a response from you in 24hrs, I will choose another winner.

I’m stoked about this… I am fortunate to have a great bunch of followers on Twitter, DeviantArt and Facebook. Lets get this ball rolling and see what amazing art we can do!

Peace & Rum!


Rose City Comic Con!!

Just a quick reminder to all the pinup fans who are going to be in the Portland area next weekend. Come get your nerd on and swing by my table at the Rose City Comic Con! I’ll be taking commissions at the show on a first come first serve basis. I’ll have limited time to draw so make sure to pre-order your artwork today and pick it up at the show!

Please click the Retweet and Share button on the upper left… spread the word of the pinup arts!

See ya all there!

Peace & Rum,



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