A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Amano Tubes are back!

Good Monday Intrawebrz,

I have some exciting and long over due news today!

Since parting ways with C.I.L.M., my computer monkeys been arduously working day and night looking for no hassle, minimal drama means of making my tube art available again for digital download. These things take time and sometimes time is needed to do things right. That being said, I’ve always been a big supporter of keeping the money where it belongs… in the artist’s hands. And why not? It makes sense to me. So, I will be taking advantage of DeviantArt’s new Premium Content platform to sell digital files exclusively via my DeviantArt page.

If you don’t know what DeviantArt is then you don’t know the wealth of artwork you are missing out on! Its free to join, only takes a minute. Once you are signed up you can purchase points to buy all sorts of goodies! I submitted a handful of tubes and hope to add to that more as the months go by.  As always, I will post news, right here on my website, whenever I have new goodies to share. And since I will be personally running the show, you can expect to see loads of incentives and contests to loyal customers. ^_^

As far as my Terms of Use are concerned, I’m keeping things simple (see link provided). I love simple,. Simple is good! That way everyone knows what to do and what not to do. In addition to these terms I have 3 more personal stipulations you must agree to:

  1. You may not alter the image in any way. (Don’t make the apple into applesauce. Let’s keep things green!)
  2. You must have YOUR DeviantArt name AND my website “www.amanojyaku.net” legibly anywhere on the image so that anyone who sees the artwork will know who purchased it AND who the artist is. (Its not fair to the artist [moi] or the person spending their hard earned rum moneys to have images used without purchase. I can see who buys my tubes and will keep track of things. Those who are naughty will go on the naughty list!)
  3. You must have fun creating! (I love seeing how people use my pinup girls! Drop me an email and show me your creations. I would love to have contests and give out prizes and original art if this project goes well!)

Enough legal banter… all very necessary but so BORING! haha. So all you tubers and PSPers out there: pass the word along (hit the SHARE button up top), give me feedback and stay in touch… that’s the only way I can continue to give you the goodies you want!

Back to the drawing board with my Sailor Jerry,



Anti-SDCC post!

Hello my fellow art monkeys!

San Diego Comic Con is this weekend!

If you are like me and have to stay home because Carrie Fisher has a restraining order against you, then you are using the miraculous powers of the intrawebz to keep your finger on the pulse of the biggest gathering of nerdom!

To celebrate not attending such a joyous event, I will be offering a discount on all orders from my online shop. Use the Promotional Code: SDCC2012 to get 10% all orders! So if you wanted to save a few bucks, now is the time to get in on this sale. It will last until Midnight PST on Sunday July 15th! Don’t miss out!

Look forward to seeing your commission requests!


Happy 236th America!

That’s a lot of candles to put on a cupcake US! Instead, I say celebrate with pinup art and Bacardi rums (Puerto Rico is unincorporated territory of the United States right? It counts!). ^_~

Lady Captain America. Inspired by the lovely Stephanie Castro.

Sorry to let down the Chris Evans fans, but as the title says… pinup girls! I hope my fellow Americans have a fun and patriotic day tomorrow! Stay safe and don’t call me from jail… unless you want to commission a piece of original pinup art. ^_^

Peace & Rums,



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