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Kapow! Comic Con Aftermath…


I can’t believe I’ve been back a few weeks already but am still having trouble getting back on Washington time! My first trip to London really was a whirlwind of awesomeness. I have to say I was terribly intimidated by the 10+ hour travel time but luckily the flight has Skerlock episodes to watch onboard! SO much better than the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies IMHO. ^_^

A photo from artist alley on the second floor.

And of course, rum & coke were present!

I want to share my experience at the Kapow!  show because it was truly a fun show! Everyone who stopped by my table to take chat, purchase some art or just to take a peek at my work for the first time is what really made the show grand! I first would like to thank the very lovely Aigue-Marine for the inspiration for the print I made for this show:

Kapow! London Batgirl pinup

Exclusive Kapow! Batgirl print

Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl has always been a character I’ve wanted to draw. I think she make a great addition to the Bat-Family. I was really glad that Aigue-Marine helped me bring this piece to life! She is an amazing cosplayer from Germany. It was a treat to meet her in person. I think you all show drop by her Facebook page and check out her work! Show her some love!

Aigue-Marine rocking her newest creation: Leah (Journey into Mystery)

I had some really great commission requests during the show! I love taking a stab at new characters that I’ve never drawn before and I got quite a few of them this show.

My Twitter followers got a sneak peek at some of these.

I know I haven’t been making proper convention posts like I did back in the Myspace days. I hope to get things up and running on my homepage so that everyone can come check out what I’m doing in one spot online. I will also be working on importing some of those old con posts from Myspace to my homepage so that new followers can catch up.

I apologize for my atrocious writing. I can only say there is a reason I draw and not write, haha. But I want to say thank you to everyone at Kapow! for making this such a positive experience for me. I love to say that I was so busy at my table that I didn’t get a chance to get up to walk around. The tradeoff to that is that I missed seeing alot of the events and panels. You know what though? There is always next time. And believe me London, Amano will return!!

Peace & Rum,



I wanted to remind everyone who is not following me on Twitter to jump on the bandwagon and add me. I am having a little contest again! Winner gets a original sketch (like the ones I’ve posted above) of your choosing on 9×12″ Bristol board. How do I win you ask? Well first you have to is sign up to Twitter, follow me on Twitter and help me spread the word by retweeting my contest post. When i get to 666 followers, I will randomly choose a winner! Stay tuned and let the games being!

Stay Calm…

Hello pinup fans,

Springtime is here. Everything is coming to life, the weather is warming up and the spiced rum is amazing! Its always amazing! I have bad news for the people of the United Kingdom. I’ll be penetrating her majesty’s lands and impregnating it with my art! I will be attending the Kapow! Comic Con in London May 19-20th!

I’ll have sketchbooks and prints for sale as well as original art for sale. Now please remember my time at the show is limited and I will be handling commissions on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in securing your own custom pinup, please drop me an email: amano (at) amanojyaku (dot) com. I’ll be more than happy to accommodate your needs!

In all seriousness, I’m really excited about my first visit to London. I have a special project I will be working on while I’m over there, one I know you all will dig! Stay tuned!

Till then, I hope to keep you all up to speed on my journey. Make sure you follow me in Facebook and Twitter. Remember some of my posts may not be safe for work. But then again I know you like it that way! ^_^

Cheers fellow pervs!


2012 Convention Update!

Well intrawebbers if you are feeling a bit off don’t panic! Its the effects of the Daylight Savings Time change. I’m not entirely sure why we still do that but I know this time around it stole an hour of my precious 4hours of sleep every night. I’m down to 3hours. You realize what this means right?


No need for alarm we have every thing under control!

I’ve been busy drawing away but I did want to update the site to share the exciting news on the convention front:

I’m happy to be back for this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in beautiful Seattle, Washington at the end of this month (March 31-April 1, 2012).


Mark your calendars!

Attentions citizens of the United Kingdom… Amano will be penetrating your area!

Yes, rum and shenanigans is hitting the Kapow! Comic Convention in London , England May 19 & 20th 2012. I apologize in advance to the British people… what am I saying? This is the birthplace of punk rock!! I have to represent! Sex, rum and rock&roll right? Hells to the yeah! The pinup revolution is going overseas baby!

As always, I will have prints and sketchbooks for sale at the shows. But you know you are looking for custome art:

Get your own custom pinup art in ink & marker!

I will also be doing commissions at the show but don’t get stuck in my Art List queue (I can only do so many during the show)… order your piece ahead of time from my online website! And just drop in and pick up! No waits! That will make more time for rum drinking and chatting with you at the show!

That’s all for now kiddie. Remember to follow me on Twitter! I do most of my best writing in under 140 characters, haha.

Peace & Rum,




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