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ECCC wrap and where did the rums go?

If you are reading this is because I have successfully survived Emerald City Comic Con last weekend. If you missed out of the shenanigans and whatnot, well then grab your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy the following con review! What makes this show different from all the dozens of shows I’ve attended? Well, […]

Attention citizens of Las Vegas…

Amano will be hitting the first annual Las Vegas Comic Expo Sept 29-30th, 2012! Update (9/19/2012), the convention staff took my advice and moved the show to a new venue, The Riviera Hotel & Casino. A much bigger venue with much more room for strippers and the rum barrels! What? There is a strip club […]

Amano Survives New York City!

Hey Intrawebz! I know you missed me.Sometimes I just have to unplug and do terrestrial things. Well I’m finallyback to HQ safe and sound. Spicy didn’t burn the place down at all. Rumor hasit he was down in Tijuana all weekend long, go figure. Times Square, Manhattan 2/6/2009 New York City was great! The comic […]


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