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A little luv…

Happy Valentine’s Day Cyberspace!

I know you are prolly all tired of hearing about it all day, hehe. I’m a big fan of the holiday… in fact I think everyday should have one because every day your alive is a good day. This one in particular celebrates “love”… I like love… in fact its pretty awesome to be loved… why not celebrate it? PLUS, add chocolates, corny V-day cards, delicious restaurant eatings, hot sticky sexxrs and rum flavored edible undies (not in that particular order)?

Why were we pouting about? I can’t remember. *continues to nibble on edible undergarment* Oh right, I’ve been flying under the radar lately cuz I’ve been a busy little monkey drawing away to get my calander done for next month. Here’s a preview:

I hear from my manager that there will actually be spots in there that will help you keep track of what month it is… even the day of the week!! Fcukin brilliant things they are doing nowadays with that techmology! There will of course be all the fine boobies and legs you all have come to know and love. I will post ordering info and what not once it gets closer to being done. So stay tuned! ^_^

Also big news, CILM is having an anniversery celebration all day tomorrow! So even if you aren’t tagger, stop by their Yahoo forum tomorrow (Friday 15th) to say hey and to hang with some cool peeps. I’ll be there off and on during the day to make emoticons and give you sexual advice and answer any questions about what kind of rum you will need for your next big dinner. I haven’t heard whether the strippers will be there… but rumors say there might be erotic cakes there! Zomg! ^_^

Ok, see ya later space cowboys,

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