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Amano Survives New York City!

Hey Intrawebz! I know you missed me.Sometimes I just have to unplug and do terrestrial things. Well I’m finallyback to HQ safe and sound. Spicy didn’t burn the place down at all. Rumor hasit he was down in Tijuana all weekend long, go figure. Times Square, Manhattan 2/6/2009 New York City was great! The comic […]

Go East Young Man!

Captain’s Blog: Bar Date 02042009 Happy Hump Day everyone! This week my journeys take me to the Big Apple, yup, I’ll be attending the New York Comic Con again! Last year I had an excellent time… artwork, booze, babes, booze, pizzas… good times! I was contemplating taking my sock monkey Spicy McHaggis along but the […]


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