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Chicago Comic-Con 2009 is this week!

Hey cyberspacerz!! I know I haven’t been much for words lately. Life has been keeping me ultra busy both good and bad. Thus is life. A huge bump in the art road of life has been the death of my computer. I know its THAT bad. But new parts are coming in this week. So […]

Yellow Mild Banana Peppers…

Hey MySpacianz, I got some gripe today. Yeah its that kinda blog today. I got some BEEF witha little band known as the Red Hot Chili Peppers: I tune into the Pandora regularly and I wanted to get my groovy Chili Pepper funk on. You know how it is? I’m the kinda person that feels […]

Angela Watercolors

Shiggity swass all! So I’m still working on my watercoloring. I’m still learning, still gaining confidence using this media. I like how it forces me to not rely so heavily on the “undo” button, haha. *shakes fist @ Photoshop* This is a piece I finished last night of the very lovely Angela Ryan: Another thing […]


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