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Yellow Mild Banana Peppers…

Hey MySpacianz,

I got some gripe today.

Yeah its that kinda blog today. I got some BEEF witha little band known as the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

I tune into the Pandora regularly and I wanted to get my groovy Chili Pepper funk on. You know how it is? I’m the kinda person that feels that one’s day deserves a themesong of sorts. Well to my dismay all i got was what I can best describe as something sedate stoner elevator muzak. Its kinda like getting a 1 Star spicey on your 4 Star Kung Pow Chicky…. yeah…. Wut DA Eff!

Mind you I’m old school. For you youngins out there back the days of grunge/surf, it was all about the Nirvana, RHCP and Soundgardens… music that makes you wanna get up and LIVE! Not “Under the Bridge”, not “Californication”, not “Desecration Smile”! Argh & Blargh!!



Let us pray:

God of Rock, pease give us our “Funky Monks” back so that we forget not how to get down and reach for “Higher Ground”. Teach us what it is line to be “Sir Pyscho Sexy” and help us to get us through our days (and especially nights). Delivery us from Coldplay. Amen.

Ok, I feel a little better. The hate is gone. I am calm and one with the Force again. Me and the Peppers are BBF again. Except for Flea, he drank all my rums the other night… also all my left socks are gone. And I don’t think I want them back. x_X

One Love,

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