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Anti-SDCC post!

Hello my fellow art monkeys! San Diego Comic Con is this weekend! If you are like me and have to stay home because Carrie Fisher has a restraining order against you, then you are using the miraculous powers of the intrawebz to keep your finger on the pulse of the biggest gathering of nerdom! To […]

Kapow! Comic Con Aftermath…

  I can’t believe I’ve been back a few weeks already but am still having trouble getting back on Washington time! My first trip to London really was a whirlwind of awesomeness. I have to say I was terribly intimidated by the 10+ hour travel time but luckily the flight has Skerlock episodes to watch […]

Stay Calm…

Hello pinup fans, Springtime is here. Everything is coming to life, the weather is warming up and the spiced rum is amazing! Its always amazing! I have bad news for the people of the United Kingdom. I’ll be penetrating her majesty’s lands and impregnating it with my art! I will be attending the Kapow! Comic […]


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