A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

And the winner is…

Hey true believers! Well for those of you on the pulse of the Amano twitter may have already got a little peek at the winner of the Free Sketch (read my last post to catch up on what’s up). I want to thank everyone who purchased a print! And a big congrats to our winner Joanie Riley. She requested a hottie little Deli girl:

Yeah, I know… I kinda feel hungry too, lol. That said, I’ve added some new prints to my shop this week, so I’m thinking of having another “Free Sketch Contest”. If you purchase anything from my online shop until April 30th, your name will be entered into a raffle that will win you a free sketch as the one shown above, or your choice. The winner will be announced May 1st. Amano appreciation continues!!!

Viva le Pinup,
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New Pirate Print & Contest!

Well the dust has settled from a crazy week. So I’m taking a little computer coloring break to give everyone a big THANK YOU for coming out to support the Amano pinup revolution at the  Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle! The Force is strong in this show! Con goers were the first to check out my latest pinup the “Rum Runner” (yes, that is my sock monkey Spicy McHaggis as her first mate):

I know a lot of you couldn’t get out to con so I’m making her available for purchase in my online shop. I’m also throwing in a little incentive: anyone who picks up a print before April 1st will have their name put in a raffle for a free sketch. Winner will be announced April 2nd. Here are some of the ones I did at ECCC last weekend:

So make sure you order yours today! Ok, gotta get back to the drawing board…

Stay sexy intrawebz,



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Emerald City ComicCon 2010!

Hey Intrawebberz!

Amano is updating his webpage? Crazy. I know this! haha. Well, you should know by now that I’m a man of very few words. In fact lately I’ve been limiting my words to under 140 characters on Twitter.  But for those of you who haven’t been keeping up… I DO want to share a piece I just finished of the very sexy Courtney Cruz:

Now, I’m sure alot of you out there are hustling to find that special gift or plan that exciting event in honor of tomorrow’s holiday. Hey, I can appreciate it. There is nothing better in the world that being loved (ok, rum is the exception) and what better day of the week? Sunday. Nothing on TV. Yeah. Time to break out the condoms (be safe people, sheesh!) and lube!! But I wanted to interrupt your busy schedule to bring up a few new items here at the Amano command center:

For those of you chilling in the Pafiic Northwest, mark down on your calendars March 13-14th: the big comic convention in Seattle – the Emerald City Comic Con! I will be there trying to keep things sexy. Stop by my table and see me, I’ll have prints for sale and be taking your commissions! Plus after the show I’m gonna be taking Stan Lee to Deja Vu to see how many times he can say Excelsior before he passed out, haha. jk. kinda.

I also was fortunate to sit down for an interview with the very lovely Melanie C. Jordan over at Imagine.  She’s got a really cool project going on there keeping up with today’s artists, writers and all forms of entertainment! You guys have to swing by her site and show her some love. She’s gonna need it having put up with my nonsense, haha.

Ok, last thing… promise! I’ll be extending my low price pinup special until the end of February.  Its to help cover my recently perished artwork hard drive. Read more about that here. Get your very own Amano style pinup today! Still need incentive? Well just check out my gallery to check out my pinup girls!

Ok my fellow art monkeys. Thank you for your support and I wish everyone a fantastic holiday tomorrow! Get laid bitches!!!




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