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FanExpo Vancouver 2013!

Let’s get our nerd on eh?

Ahoy pinup fans! I was fortunate enough to be part of last week’s FanExpo Vancouver! I know. I’m pushing international with my pinup arts bitches! Having lived in Washington State so long,  I feel British Columbia is so close they are just like neighbors who use funny coin currency and slather their french fries in delicious gravies! I will say crossing the boarder is always unnerving! Luckily, a little wave of the hand and some Jedi mind trickery got me into BC without a hitch!

A shot of the crowd inside the Vancouver Convention Center!

I felt really unplugged from the Matrix as I had no international data coverage on my phone. So I apologize to my loyal Twitter followers for the lack of updates. I was only able to post when in a WiFi spot. The show itself has a pretty amazing turnout. Canadians KNOW how to get their nerd on! I want to share some of the photos I took on my adventure…

The convention center showing of native art.

The Vancouver Convention Center sits on the water front facing the Vancouver Harbor! This city is really like no other! The mountains stand as an amazing backdrop to a truly amazing skyline. This weekend was particularly beautiful almost a shame to be stuck behind a table drawing boobs all weekend long! I know life is tough! ^_^

Master Yoda in full effect!

The show had a pretty amazing LEGO booth. I think its a tie for where I would have wanted to be all con long: this LEGO booth and in between Elvira’s magnificent boobs.

LEGO epicness of the Imperial and mutant turtle kind!


Hulk want bewbies!

I can fit this in the Amano Cave right? Next to the giant penny and dinosaur!

“The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

Hand crafted by Hobbits??!

Hulk Statue crush LEGO Hulk!

So happy to see one of my pinup muses and talented artist Amanda Flagg! I even stored one of her stickers for my drawing clipboard! ^_^

I have to say that the turn out of cosplayers was truly spectacular! I really wished I had had more time to get up and walk around to see what was going on around the show. But I will share some of the most eye catching ones that came by my table…

Lady Thor was def kicking ass!

Luckily there was a Medic around to heal me. I was booze and food deprived all Saturday! #teamfortress2


These two were keeping the show free of Zergling rushes in their Starcraft cosplay!

These two were the cutest Star Trek couple I’ve ever seen! The Tribble she was holding made noises, hehe.

Vanellope and Ralph were adorable! ^_^

This lady was rockin’ SO much epic Captain America goodness in her outfit. Hotness!



Check out this Red Skull! Crazy!!

My award to Best Cosplay goes to this little fanboy getting ALL the ladies in his light up Optimus Prime outfit! Werd!

Amano Cam peepin R2D2 and his bodyguard checking out artist alley. He asked if I had any Tachikoma on Tachikoma natural oil wresting pinup prints. Ummm… no. >_>

And… I DID remember to snap some shots of some of the pieces I did during the show. I want to thank everyone who came buy to pick up some goods! It was a pleasure to chat with everyone who came by! You were all aces in my book! I wished I had more time to do more finished pieces like this one…

Large Batgirl Copic Marker commission for a great fan!

Foreplay! 4 – Wonder Woman sketch

Harley Quinn pencil drawing for a true Batman fan!

Foreplay! 4 – Wonder Woman was in high demand! lol

For anyone interested in getting their own copy of Foreplay! volume 4, you can still pickup your copy (and custom sketch) on my online shop. Only $30US for a Copic marker sketch like the ones above and 23 pages of hot pinup sketches to rock your face!

Vancouver, BC photo from my hotel room.

I hope to be able to come back next year! I hope to maybe have some exclusive goodies for my Vancouver pinup enthusiasts! You know me always up to something! Thanks again to everyone running the show for your amazing hospitality!

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