A New Generation of Pinup Girl!

Ohai 2013, are you ready?!

A brand new year means a brand new taste of sexy pinup art as only I can deliver! I just got back from the printers and love the looks of the new sketchbook! This year I’m going all out and giving my true fans a little incentive to check out my work by offering a discount to the first 20 pre-orders!

Yup, each sketchbook will come with a one of a kind original gray tone Copic marker sketch of your choosing! Prepare for a sketch so scandalous I expect the divorce will reach record highs! Hard creams will disappear off the shelves like bottled water during a hurricane! Tree would want to sacrifice themselves just to have boobs drawn on them of this caliber! Serious stuff!

Don’t miss out! Be one of the lucky first 20 to pre-order and get a sketch!

And remember spread the word all over cyberspace!

Peace and Rum!

Cyber Monday Sale!

Hey fellow rum drinkers! For a limited time, I’m busting out some savings this Cyber Monday because who doesn’t love a deal you don’t have to stand in line for hours hungover and reaching of  Twinkies. Everything on my Storenvy online shoppe is 40% off when using the discount code “bluemonday”. This sale ends 12 midnight PST on Monday 26th, 2012 so get your pinup art on!

Happy Monday to you all!




Attention citizens of Las Vegas…

Amano will be hitting the first annual Las Vegas Comic Expo Sept 29-30th, 2012! Update (9/19/2012), the convention staff took my advice and moved the show to a new venue, The Riviera Hotel & Casino. A much bigger venue with much more room for strippers and the rum barrels! What? There is a strip club on the premises? They thought of everything! ^_^

This is my first time bringing my pinup art to Sin City. Seems like an appropriate place, right? So get your bottlecaps ready (yup that’s a Fallout reference for my fellow Steam players)! Pick up some original artwork, prints and sketchbooks. I will be drawing all weekend long so come by early and get on my commission list! If you want an example of the kind sketches I will be doing visit my DeviantArt sketches section. Come by and see me at Table T88!

I will have an convention extra pass for any sexy showgirls out there who want to come to the show and be my table girl. Please email at amano(at)amanojyaku(dot)net if you are interested.

Please spread the word and I’m looking forward to the strippers seeing you all there!

Bat country, here I come!



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