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Lock and Loaded…

Happy Hump Day! So I’ve been really struggling with writing a full blog post today. Ok I should be more specific. I’m having a hard time writing more than 140characters, haha. Thanks Twitter!! But I that’s cool cuz I’m an artist not a writer Bones! Speaking of which, is everyone pumped for the Star Trek […]

Tweet, tweet, tweet….

Feliz Post Hump day Celebration everyone! I didn’t quite make it to Hump Day. Just becoming harder to take time out to collect my thoughts and make them intelligable for you to understand. Its like by the time I’m done with work my brain feels like durrr, bllaaahh, blargh. Kinda sad really. Lots of drool […]

Guilty Pleasures…

Happy Hump Day all! I’ve been down and out the last couple weeks. Finally, caught “that bug” that has been going around… I’m sure you know which one it is cuz you were prolly sick recently as well. I thought I had dodged that bullet but shortly after Mega*Con, I noticed Spicy McHaggis was sneezing […]


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